The car

The car in Tenerife is exceptionally cheap so we recommend it for hire. We can pay up to 50 Euro / week for a basic model, and on the day of departure the fee should not exceed 80-90 Euros. Because of the reduced excise duty on fuel, the price of oil is around € 0.7-0.8 per liter. The Tenerife car offers great mobility and allows you to explore the many corners of this island.

We recommend for a flexible approach to the customer and high availability of vehicles.

Additional advantages include:
• Pick up and return your vehicle at the airport
• no reservation fees
• free booking and cancellation
• no deposit
• credit card fee only!
• You pick up the refueling and return it

The pick up and return of the vehicle is very simple, there are several rental offices at the airport and there is autoresponse at the autoreisen office, you can confirm your booking by email, pay with a credit card (it also protects you in case of damage to your vehicle) Parking on the exit of the airport. In the case of night hours, the vehicle is returned by leaving the vehicle in the airport car park where you picked it up and dropping the keys to the rental office.

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