Loro Park

Loro Park

It is one of those "must see" attractions of Tenerife without which it is hard to get around. TripAdvisor chose this zoo as the best in Europe and number two in the world. It is a place for everyone, no matter what age. Also for those who are opposed to zoos because Loro Parque is also a foundation and care for endangered species and the park is incredibly well maintained and very similar to the natural environment for animals. To the extent that orcs have decided to multiply :) and live in one of the largest swimming pools for orek in Europe.

 The dolphin pool complex is the largest and the shark tunnel is the longest in Europe. The penguins also have a very real environment for which snow is produced on site and maintained at the right temperature.

What is still impressive is the 4,000 parrots, representing 350 species, part of the huge "cage" or parrot, where walking among the trees can see them in the feeders to find out what they eat. Everything is well maintained and very well maintained, and the lush vegetation, including about 2,000 palm trees from all over the world, adds shade. For our convenience there are also prepared places where you can relax, take advantage of several restaurants, toilets. You can even rent a baby stroller.

 Such a map with paths and plan of the park can be obtained on site to very easily find out and plan your visit. Link to Loro Parque map. Because the animals have their shows at the appointed time, it is best to start sightseeing with these attractions. Below you will find the current show schedule. The most important shows are orek, dolphin and sea lions.

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